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As our skin begins to degrade collagen and elastin in our mid 20's and continues to decline with age, it results in skin laxity. Many people also suffer from superficial skin problems such as cellulitis or scarring. If you have small to moderate amounts of excess fat and mild to moderate skin laxity, you're an excellant candidate for our life-changing treatments.
Young Skin v Older Skin, Collagen and Elasticity


Sculpting, Lipo Laser, Radio Frequency and our refresh and restore treatments stimulate the production of collagen for younger and healthier skin


A protein forming the main constituent of elastic connective tissue, found especially in the dermis of the skin


Hyaluronic acid also called hyaluronan keep skin hydrated and flexible. It is especially vital for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age lines


Oxytalan fibers are elastic-like fibers that run parallel to the tooth surface and bend to attach to cementum. Fibrillin builds the oxytalan fibers, which causes the elastic behavior


A cell in connective tissue which produces collagen and other fibers

Capillary Vessel

The smallest type of blood vessel. A capillary connects an arteriole (small artery) to a venule (small vein) to form a network of blood vessels in almost all parts of the body. The wall of a capillary is thin and leaky, and capillaries are involved in the exchange of fluids
As our skin begins to degrade collagen and elastin in our mid 20's and continues to decline with age, it results in skin laxity. Many people also suffer from superficial skin problems such as cellulitis or scarring. If you have small to moderate amounts of excess fat and mild to moderate skin laxity, you're an excellant candidate for our life-changing treatments.

New Vibe Lymphatic System
Results Like You've Never Seen Before!

This cutting edge body shaping instrument will elevate your body shaping results. It uses innovative compression micro-vibration to encourage lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, diminishes cellulite appearance, reverse signs of aging, muscle conditioning and a detoxification treatment. It can be used on the face and body. The most popular areas for treatment are the thighs, buttocks, torso and arms. The main function is to be an ideal alternative to liposuction, and worldwide beauty field specialists assure its effectiveness.

Body Cavitation

The Sollift Restore 6-in-1 Cavitation system is the newest and the most advanced edition of cavitation in the renowned Sollift line. It is one of the best-selling cavitation machines across the worldwide beauty industry. It smoothly combines the most vital components of beauty treatments to increase the productivity of facial and body sessions, all without the typical buzzing noise created by most cavitation systems. Its intelligent technology also adjusts its temperature according to the client's skin, providing constant and comfortable heating throughout the session.


EMSCULPT is the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body. Through the high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure one can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. The Emsculpt procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs.
Emsculpt is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. A session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions which are extremely important in improving the tone and strength of your muscles. The treatment process is divided into 3 stages: warm-up stage, exercise stage, and relaxation stage.The entire treatment process is very comfortable and effective
EMSculpt Machine Muscle Growth & Fat Loss
EM Sculpt emsculpt HIMS machine muscle growth fat reduction

Science is the Reason People are Saying Yes, Please.

Efficacy and safety have been tested in many multicenter studies using the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US and Histology)*


Muscle Mass

Average Increase*


Satisfaction Rate

Average Patient*
Less Fat
More Muscle

Cupping & Body Sculpting

Glownar Body Cupping
Cupping Rollers Slimming and Sculpting
Cupping Stomach Body Sculpting
Cupping therapy is very popular treatment today but it is not a new one. The practice of Ancient Chinese cupping therapy dates back to over 5,000 years ago, and was used in many Eastern European countries to promote natural healing as well. Cupping stimulates blood circulation in any area of concern, unblocking energy channels and breaking down fat cells as well. Medical professionals use it for many purposes, such as to relieve pain and inflammation, and estheticians mostly use to provide deep-tissue massages. In addition, it is used for lymphatic drainage after slimming treatments. In recent years cupping, has been growing in popularity, especially among celebrities.
Cupping therapy promotes weight loss and full-body toning by stimulating acupoints and running them along lymphatic lines. Included in this Curv vacuum and cupping therapy machine are three different size massage rollers used for body contouring. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and inhibit the nervous system.

Radio Frequency Facial & Skin Treatment

Duo Facial Radiofrequency
Radio Frequency Skin Treatment
Radiofrequency Therapy (RF) is a common non-invasive aesthetic procedure that uses a high-frequency alternating current to heat tissue in the dermis of the skin in a controlled and selective way to increase collagen, which consequently decreases skin laxity and photoaging. This thermal effect is so efficacious because it causes changes in collagen structure and also triggers neocollagenesis, or the production of new collagen fibers, in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. As we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen, making our skin thinner and looser with age. Collagen is an essential protein for the skin and is the driving force behind skin becoming firmer, smoother, thicker, and more youthful. Radiofrequency reverses signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by inducing tissue remodeling and replenishing depleted collagen.

Laser Lipo

Is the Lipolaser System Right for Me?

Snella LipoLaser Body Contouring System is considered to be one of the safest body shaping procedures available today, as it stimulates the natural release of excess fat in the body without destroying or structurally altering adipose tissue and other nearby organs.Both Lipolaser and Ultrasonic Cavitation are popular treatments for reducing fat. The contouring and slimming results with these treatments are just about the same, but the mechanism by which this is achieved differs. Lipolaser body contouring is hands-free, unlike cavitation, which requires a provider to massage the area with a handpiece throughout the entire duration of a session. Cavitation destroys individual fat cells by causing them to burst, while lipolaser does not destroy adipocytes but rather causes them to leak their fatty contents. Lipolaser is an incredible and effortless semi-permanent slimming technique for all patients.
The advantages of Lipolaser body sculpting are endless, especially for those people who want to improve their health and their bodies by eliminating a great amount of fat content that has accumulated inside their cells!
Lipo Laser Body Contouring stimulates adipose cells to release much of their cellular content (water, fatty acids, and glycerol) into the interstitial space so that it is subsequently drained and naturally metabolized by the body. This is how the fat cells shrink, which is visibly seen as a loss in centimeters on the treated areas, slimming patients effectively. Laser pads are positioned around the body area to be treated and are held in place with our convenient velcro straps. Once turned on, the Snella Lipolaser body sculpting machine emits lasers onto the skin which generates heat and metabolizes fatty acids within your adipocytes, or fat cells. Results like better contour and a slimmer shape are visible instantly after one treatment and are maintained and improved with regular sessions.


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